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Ok, so in this video I’ve decided to tackle probably one of the most asked question in the IM industry.




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Welcome back this is Manie Amari and in this video were going to be discussing online business and why most people fail online.

An online business is pretty much similar to running an offline business. For some reason some people seem to think that there’s some kind of magic button that you can just click and suddenly you know you get lots zeros showing up in your bank account, regardless of whatever country you are in. The lines between leverage and actually making money get blurred. You know you think you can just press a button and suddenly you get heaps of loyal customers and buyers ready to buy your product, your affiliate product or whatever you were promoting. It doesn’t happen like that. It just does not exist.

Yes there are marketers out there that are making a killing making millions of dollars online you know pushing buttons but those marketers have a huge list and obviously a good relationship with them or they have access to other people’s lists, you know were they do this thing called a product launch.

But where talking about building a business. What does it take? What does it take to build a successful business online? That is the question really. I mean with an online business there is so much pressure, so many things to do, so much to think about you just can’t overlook any section. Your never going to be perfect at it. But there is a lot of factors you have to take into consideration. Lets look at the main areas in question.

First area is that you will need to choose a niche.

Second area is that you’ll need a product to sell.

Third area is that you will need to get your product online and ready for visitors and potential clients

Fourth area is that you will need to ensure that your product delivery is in gear.

The fifth area to consider is your payment processor. Whether you choose to use Paypal or a merchant account.

Your sixth area would be traffic and affiliates

Just by looking those key areas you can see why it’s a lot to consider and why so many people fail in those stumbling blocks.

For example choosing a niche should I say to get involved with can be quite a critical step to take at the beginning. But then again that is quite a cost effective task to undertake and there are many ways to do this online without having to break the bank. One way comes to mind is Google’s keyword tool. You could use this tool to find out what people are searching for. Then you could check the market places such as Clickbank.com you could find out what is selling by looking at the gravity and what people are buying online. Also if you are signed up to other marketers list you could work out what hot based on what they are promoting.

Create an email account you don’t really pay attention to and sign up to a bunch of marketers list. Soon enough when you have built a seizable list you will begin to learn what these guys are sending out and have a finger on the pulse for hot products.

The other section to think of is that you’ll need a product to sell. Now you could either create that product yourself or you could outsource it. If you wanted to outsource it your looking at heavy expenses. It’s not cost effective to have a whole product created for you. If you want it to have a lot of value and you plan on selling it for anything more than $37 bucks then you would have to think twice about paying out for the service. Then again you could just become an affiliate. However, the downside to that is that you will not be able to collect more of the commission of the launch. You don’t have ownership of the product. You can make the same kind of money you would’ve made as the owner of the product. I’m not saying you can make money online as an affiliate. What I’m saying is that you can enjoy the larger profits. As an affiliate you can’t get other affiliates to promote through your own affiliate link. It just doesn’t work like that. Especially the super affiliates. I mean any affiliates worth talking to would not entertain you for a second with this idea.

Then you need to get your product read online, your websites. If you don’t know HTML you will need to get someone to do that. Thats outsourcing again that cost a lot of money. Then you need to worry about your graphics, making sure it converts; testing it all. OH MY there is just so much to look out for. And then after that once you get past that stage, if you get past that hurdle. Then your looking at listing your product on a network. You need to ensure that the network has an affiliate network. Even just listing your product on Clickbank can be a complicated process depending on your site. When I tried to list my product on there I had to get a programmer to do it for me. Theres bits of code you’ll need to have to ensure it’s set up properly.

Lets say you got past this hurdle and you wanted to sell your product independently then you would be looking at PayPal. Currently PayPal don’t cover information products. There consumer policy actually states that they don’t deal with that side of things. If you just Google some of those horror stories about PayPal you’ll see that it’s a tricky business leaving all of your business in their hands. There are some marketers that sell comfortable with no issues. But me personally I couldn’t trust PayPal to keep them in charge. Because they could shut your business down, within an instant. Your sitting there and you’ve got thousands of customers coming through the affiliates you’ve worked really hard to get on board and then just like that PayPal shut you down for reason or the other.

I’m not even going to get down to the whole traffic process in this video. You can see that there is so much pressure man. Getting a product together    . Getting it online. This is why a lot of people fail online. So what would be the solution? You just have to strong and go for it. Keep going till you reach success. Get your hustle hat on and keep moving. You have to be mentally strong. It took me three months to put my product together but I did it.  Whatever your struggling with just keep going, keep pushing and hopefully you’ll come out with your finished product in the end and you’ll hopefully get some results and get some traffic in. [/spoiler]

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About me At secondary school I was so much in love with sports. I played football and was concentrating on a career in the sport. I left with 7 GCSE’s qualifications. I then did two years at sixth form and acquired 2 A-level qualifications. I then went to University but in my second year dropped out. I wasn’t satisfied with the degree and what I was learning from it. So I decided to venture into the REAL WORLD. In 2008 I managed to set up an eBay business. This was doing well until the market became saturated and competition was high. I then began looking for other ways online to make money. Fast forward to 2010 I made my first sale online through affiliate marketing. Since then I have been busy creating my own system, which I’m planning to release soon on Clickbank as an information product in the near future. Manie Amari


  • Maryann Murphy

    Reply Reply September 20, 2012

    Thank you for sharing. Not to many people in your position are so gracious. Your article was very poignant and understandable. It helped me to understand very clearly. Thank you for your help.

  • clickbankmoney1

    Reply Reply October 27, 2012

    What’s up Manie, thanks for this video it was a good overview.Jon

  • Manie Amari

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    Hey no problem. I glad you liked it. Come again soon Jon.Manie

  • Lenin Govea

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    Awesome piece of advise… Follow the big guys! Thanks Manie

  • Manie Amari

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    Thanks Lenin for stopping by. Yeah you gotta stop listening to what the big guys are telling you to do and start paying attention to what they are actually doing.Manie

  • Tom Lyons

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    I try a spend most of my time watching what others do and repeat it. Not really listening to doing what they say, but what I see them actually do. Online marketing a lot of fun but you do need to work at. Just like you do Manie! Great video today.

  • Manie Amari

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    Hey Tom, thanks for stopping by bud. Always a pleasure and yes a little added up will make a lot. A little bit of action a day will build momentum for a future result.Manie

  • Felix

    Reply Reply November 8, 2012

    Hi Manie Amari

    Thanks for video you have clearly stated it is not an easy business as one could think.You have to put the effort all the way to learn and implement.Thanks.


  • Manie Amari

    Reply Reply November 8, 2012

    @Felix no problem. Thanks for commenting. Some learn the hard way after many years of struggling. They keep chasing these push button riches. It’s a a funny thing to see at times but you have to wonder how can these people continue throwing money away.


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