Online Video Marketing Secrets – Part2

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and here the power of social networking site you get back links from. AOL stream, Bebo, Blogger, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups. So you could have three links going just to Facebook there. So that’s a Page Rank eight. Also Google Plus, Google bookmarks, google Places. So you could have three links coming from there as well. You could have Linked In twice, which includes your Group link as well. Myspace, Reddit, Scribed, Stumbleupon; it’s the easiest strategy that I can offer you here. Create your video, upload it to YouTube and make sure you have done your on page SEO properly.  Make sure you’ve done your off page SEO properly. Then syndicate by bookmarking that video on all the sites that will instantly give you back links. It’s the quickest way to get you going and have your site pointing towards the search engines. It literally took me two days to have my video ranked this high for the keywords. Less than 48 hours my video was ranked. As you can see, lets look at the web search but we know that most people won’t use the video search on Google to search for the keyword terms. But it’s nice to know that my video is there for that keyword. If we go to the web search on the first page my video is ranking. It was actually a little bit higher in position but it might have dropped down the page because of competition and what not. However, it’s interesting to know that you can do it and it’s not that much of a competitive keyword. 2.8 million competing pages is not a lot to go by. But when your trying to rank for more competitive niche, then you would need to do a few things extra.
Welcome back and lets continue were we left off. I want to show you how easy it is to use Onlywire. So head to post here and insert your title. Then put the page URL in. So where ever your page URL is to your video not your channel and paste this in. Then you insert a summary of what the video is about. You can take a snippet of the transcription on your video. I transcribe all of my videos. You could also place a link in this area. Then you move down to tags and insert your tags in. Always place a comma to insert each individual tag. Then after this all you have left to do is select the social networking sites you would like to post in. Now I would ensure that they are all selected because we are leveraging of the back links and would like all the quality back links we can get. Lastly you have to choose your category at the bottom. You have the option of entertainment, lifestyle, Science, Sport, Technology. I’m in the business section so I would click post. However, for this video demonstration purpose I’m not going to click it as I have already done so for this video. This particular video. But thats how you do it really. Also I would like to show you how you get a book mark of a page ranking site of seven. This is one down from Facebook and this site gets a lot of traffic. This is actually at my account. I have my own account at Pinterest. It’s FREE to have an account. Once you’ve created an account you create something known as boards as you can see here. These are my many boards. I have ten boards on here and this is one of my boards “my videos.” So in order to get a back link all you have to do is pin it. So I’m listening to some music right now of 2 Chains and Drake. If i wanted to get a back link to this video all I would have to do is pin it. When you open an account with Pinterest you get instructions on how to place a button on your browser. This button is the pin feature on Pinterest. Then all you have to do is click this button to get the option window, were it would ask me where I would like to pin this video too. I now have the option to pin this video to all the boards I have created. You could then go ahead and write the caption and then activate the automation feature if you’ve activate your other automation networks and have those go out. This is all you have to do to get a back link from a page ranked site of seven. Also with Pinterest you can then take your rss feed link URL and submit this to the RSS aggregators. This will build your link juice and get your video more traffic from the search engines. Ok this is Manie Amari, hoped you liked this video. Please do comment below and I’ll see you on the next video. Take care. [/spoiler]

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