Online Video Marketing Secrets – Part1


Yo! Wats up? This is Manie Amari here again and in the video above I expanded some of the points I made earlier in my previous video before.

Take note that I’ve shown you the quickest way to get back links to your videos or content in general. Getting your videos ranked in the search engines can be easy if you know what you are doing. Also it would be an advantage if you understood your market as well. I have also shown you some really cool tools you can leverage in your business and I’ve done a show and tell, which nothing beats in this day and age. It’s one thing to suggest something that is useful. However, it’s even better to SHOW how the thing works. Wouldn’t you agree?

Online video marketing is huge and still growing because of all the different tools online that are being made available to us today. Look forward to hearing what you think on this subject. As always all comments are welcomed and don’t forget to click the LIKE button below 🙂

In this video I would like to address a few tips that would help you with your video marketing strategies. So Lets get into it without further a due. Let’s look at why you use video for your marketing strategy. Video is powerful, video is ten times more compelling than written content because you can engage the viewer.

What’s the process here for getting traffic to your video?

The process is you create your video and then you upload it to a video sharing site. I would recommend you use YouTube and there are many reason why. You could say that there is a huge amount of people on Youtube even though there are many other sites. I don’t want to go over the statistics but I’m sure you’ve already been made aware. You know the statistics and it’s crazy. YouTube is the biggest video sharing community. Plus it’s owned by Google. Let’s look at one of the most important reasons behind it. Video’s get indexed a lot easier than content, like articles for example. Video’s actually can get ranked higher for the more competitive keywords.

Why is this?

Well it’s simply because especially with YouTube because of their owner’s. YouTube are owned by Google. YouTube video’s are more inclined to get indexed higher than other video sharing sites. So there is no need to pay attention to Metacafe, Veoh or some of these other video site communities. There is no need. All of the traffic is on YouTube. So it’s good to focus on one video sharing site. Focus on building your content hub on one video sharing site and becoming a good YouTube channel owner. Being interactive and commenting on Visitors comments and just being a good contributor to the community will get your channel exposure.

You take your video and upload it to YouTube channel. Each video on a YouTube has a unique URL link to the video. What you need to do is create back links for it by doing so you would be creating back links for your YouTube channel as well. The whole reason behind doing this is to get ranked on the search engines. It’s quite simple it’s not complicated.

I’m here on I explained in the previous video what page rank is, so lets look at some examples of page rank. Let’s look for As you can see Facebook has a page rank of eight. It should do because the higher the page rank the more important the site is. Obviously there are millions of indexed pages, we don’t really need to pay attention to that. The interesting thing is it has a page rank of eight. So if you have a link on Facebook leading back to your video then you would have a power link there leading back to your site. This would mean you would have a power back link there because it is on a very important site to the search engines. If your video becomes viral and everyone starts sharing it around on there personal profiles then each profile would be suggesting to the search engines that this piece of content is important. This in turn will aid the search engines to decide where to rank your video. They will bump up your video on the rankings for the keywords your targeting. Thats a little interesting.

So let’s look another one like Scribed has a page rank of eight. You can upload your articles or your videos. It’s mainly articles on there. You could upload a PDF version of your article. If your into article marketing then you should really be building your profile on there. Scribed is a massive platform for textual content and at a page rank of eight there would be a lot of traffic going to it so you should really be getting involved with delivering your content on there. Another site would be It has a page rank of seven. Pinterest is a new edition to the social media family. However, to be achieving a page rank of seven means that there is a lot of traffic on there.

Ok lets look at some keywords I targeted recently. I made a video on how to make money using Facebook. You’ve probably seen it. I titled it as “How To Make Moolah with Facebook.” Now I given it this title for a reason. YouTube look down on marketers using such words as “make money” so I changed it to moolah instead. I don’t want to upset the moderators and have my account banned so I’m staying away from anything that could put my account at risk. As you can see there is currently 3.8 million page results for this keyword and I have managed to rank my video on the first page at number six. I think I have around forty to fifty back links to this video. Now this other marketer Gideon Shalwick, who I know pretty well. Great guy, great content on his YouTube channel is out-ranking me currently. His video channel has a page rank of 3, which is higher than mine of 2. I’m guessing he has a lot more back links than I have. If I could get more back links to my video I could probably beat him here.
So looking at the video search on Google; there you go, he is number one and I’m number two and three for the keyword’s “Make Moolah”.

How did I achieve this?

Believe this or not I through back links to this video using just one source. I used It’s $10 for the smallest package a month. Recently I’ve only book marked two posts.


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