It’s All In Your Mind!

Recently I was watching The Matrix(Movie) and the classic scene were Morpheus tries to free Neo’s mind. This brought me back to thinking about my business. I need to free my mind from restraint that is stopping me from succeeding. Obviously you would just say it’s only a film. However the subliminal undertones reflect a lot in my current struggle to free myself from my day jobs. Yes I said day JOBS. I currently work in the day during the week and two nights on the weekends in the evening.

If you don’t already know I have not taken my online business full time yet. I still have to work for some body else on a weekly basis. It stinks but this is what I have got to do to get by. I truly wish my business was full time and I’m working really hard to achieve this. However, I despite the fact that I haven’t achieved it yet I still believe that I can’t make it happen for me.

In the Words of Henry Ford: If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right. He was right to state this as he went on to do the impossible, which most people believed to be true and manufactured the first V-8 engine. When he earlier suggested it people, they said including his workers that it was impossible. However with persistence and determination he organized his employees to victory. What can we learn from this? You need to believe in your self and to drive hard towards your goal no matter what people say. So if your starting off as an internet marketer like myself then you need to keep going and you will persevere.

Albert Einstein the father of modern physics once said; It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. I experience this a lot all the time in my quest to make my internet business work. It could be uploading files to my main server or adding Google analytics to my web page for tracking visitors and the statistics. Whatever it is I try to preserver through the barriers to success. I think if I did have thick skin I would have quit a long time ago. However I have performed the total opposite. Another quote from Mr. Einstein; In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. Try to search for a solutions to your problem. Even consider changing your thought process or perspective to find the solution.




PS: Keep striving for success and it will come.

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Manie Amari

About me At secondary school I was so much in love with sports. I played football and was concentrating on a career in the sport. I left with 7 GCSE’s qualifications. I then did two years at sixth form and acquired 2 A-level qualifications. I then went to University but in my second year dropped out. I wasn’t satisfied with the degree and what I was learning from it. So I decided to venture into the REAL WORLD. In 2008 I managed to set up an eBay business. This was doing well until the market became saturated and competition was high. I then began looking for other ways online to make money. Fast forward to 2010 I made my first sale online through affiliate marketing. Since then I have been busy creating my own system, which I’m planning to release soon on Clickbank as an information product in the near future. Manie Amari

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