I Need To Be Doing This & So Should You…

CONTENT SYNDICATION is what I have NOT been doing.


I don’t know why but I definitely need to get involved in this. I’ve thought about many different platforms to promote my business. However, I have not reached the point of achieving attempting this.

Content syndication is not:

  • Content sharing and re-use within your organization
  • One-time media buying
  • Cross-linking
  • Search optimization

However content syndication is:

  • Content distribution outside the boundaries of your organization
  • A repeatable process for content distribution
  • Continuous, systematic content distribution
  • RSS-enabled as well as traditional syndication

What is the significance of this to an internet marketer?

Well have you heard the phrase “Content is King.” Well the reason why its king is because it can draw customer traffic to whatever you are offering, which in turn will allow you to create a revenue stream. As long as you use a good strategy and the quality of your content is good.

One advantage of using content distribution is it enables you to reach a broader audience of customers. Some people will be more inclined to spend their social networking time on Facebook rather than Twitter or on Twitter rather than YouTube. Therefore it is imperative that a full syndication within these networks is utilized.

Another advantage is it is a great opportunity to extend a company’s voice and brand. Establishing a brand involves being present on the edges of networks. Companies like Apple are on the edges of the telecommunications industry. If you observe them before they launch a product have you noticed how quickly a buzz is built within the industry? They are present on the edges of the telecommunications industry, which makes it easier for them to induce launch awareness.

RSS, which stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” Is the most common form of content syndication. It allows you to divert a source of articles from one place on the web to another. You will have to subscribe to the RSS feed to get the content on a particular website.

Types of writings that are part of content syndication agreements include news articles; blogs; political and cultural commentaries; reviews of TV, music, books, and other forms of media; travel pieces; sports scores and stories; stock quotes and analysis; and even full-length songs or movies.


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