A Group For All Marketers, Especially Newbies.

Hi all,

I just want to let you know that I have just joined a Facebook Group created by my friend Paul Power. This is a group for all marketers, especially newbies, to come and exchange views, share experiences, find joint ventur (jv) partners, and tons of other cool stuff that will halep you succeed in your online business.

This group will provide you with a source of information that will assist your success online. Let’s be honest, we all start an online business to be financially free, but soon realise that there is a steep learning curve to this.

So, please feel free to join us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/paulpower and make new friends, and get help for your business, as well as seeing what works for you now.

Apart from myself, my good friends Ray Johnson, Paul Power are members also, so join up and find out how we can help you succeed. Remember you decide your destiny, so change it now and join us.

Take Care,


Manie Amari

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Manie Amari

About me At secondary school I was so much in love with sports. I played football and was concentrating on a career in the sport. I left with 7 GCSE’s qualifications. I then did two years at sixth form and acquired 2 A-level qualifications. I then went to University but in my second year dropped out. I wasn’t satisfied with the degree and what I was learning from it. So I decided to venture into the REAL WORLD. In 2008 I managed to set up an eBay business. This was doing well until the market became saturated and competition was high. I then began looking for other ways online to make money. Fast forward to 2010 I made my first sale online through affiliate marketing. Since then I have been busy creating my own system, which I’m planning to release soon on Clickbank as an information product in the near future. Manie Amari


  • Paul Power

    Reply Reply September 27, 2011

    Hi Manie,

    Glad to see you are promoting our group, I would like to tell everyone that although the group is new, the members of the group have experience in IM, and between us all we can answer your questions.

    As Manie said, we all get into IM to be financially free, but the learning curve and loneliness can really kill all motivation to build a serious business online.

    So with that in mind, we all got together and decided to start this group to give anyone in IM a support network. So please join, and yes there will be offers posted in there from time to time, but nobody will ever be pressured to buy, these offers will be what we believe will benefit people’s business.

    Right that’s enough from me, I want to hand this blog back to Manie before he comes and bashes me lol.

    Seriously though, take care all, and we look forward to you joinging us in the near future to make your business profitable.

    Paul Power.

  • affiliate lead

    Reply Reply October 26, 2011

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