Fan Page Tutorial – Understanding New Timeline Features

Many people are still getting to grips with the new Timeline layout for Facebook Fan Pages. So I created this video to help you understand what the new features are and how they could benefit you if you decided to get active on Facebook. I wasn’t to impressed with the new Timeline layout to be honest. If I could chose I would have rather stayed with the old layout if you ask me. I guess over time this new layout will grow on me. I just hope Facebook don’t decide to make such a huge change again.

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Ok so I’m here on my Personal Profile and I’m just going to switch to one of my pages. This is how you toggle between two pages. Between your Personal Profile and the Fan Page you have created. So you will have to click on the arrow to get the drop down menu. If you have more than one page created they will be listed in the drop down menu. The caption at the top means that you can use your Facebook Profile as your Fan Page. I don’t want to use my Personal Profile as my page so I will click on my Fan Page “Make Money Online with Manie Amari” to switch to it.

As you can see it has changed to my page. I have updated the old Fan Page layout to the new Timeline design and this is what it looks like. You get your large cover image, which is about 810pixels in width and no more than 399 pixels in length. This is the statutory default sizes for Timeline. I have my profile picture, which is easily customisable.

Just below my cover image I have some icons. Let me explain what these icons are. In the old layout you had tabs, which were on the left hand side. In the new Timeline layout structure these tabs have been repositioned and placed below your cover image. To the right of these images is another drop down arrow, which when clicked will produce another drop down menu. This drop down space reveals more spaces, which can have more apps added to your page. You can interchange these apps positions, as you are only allowed three to be displayed on the first row.

Below my Page Profile is my About information, which can display a lot more info about my business, such as company ethos, contact info etc. When a visitor visits your page this information is hidden but a synopsis is revealed. The number of characters revealed is limited, so to take full advantage of this space it is always good to have a link pointing back to your main website.

The composer allows you to post on your page and many more quirky features. Who can post photo’s, ask questions and many more things. I will go into this in a lot more detail but for now this is just a highlight.  The recent posts section is a newly added feature that allows you to see the recent activity on your page. When you scroll down from the app icons you will get another menu bar, which appears below the search bar. I refer to it as your page menu. From this menu you can toggle between the apps and check out other areas of your page rather than scrolling all the way up back to the top of the page in order to divert to other sections.

On your timeline you can include bits of information that you failed to highlight  in the past. For example before a particular post on your timeline you can place a milestone to celebrate the day you started your business. Whenever fans scroll down that far your timeline they will see it and might click it to read the full description. As an admin of your page hovering your cursor over a post will display two options. One option is to highlight and the other is to edit. The highlight option allows you to splash your post horizontally across your timeline. Causing the post to stand out a lot more by displaying across the entire timeline area. If your post included a photo/video then it would stretch it to fill up the entire space. The edit option give you more choices on what you can do to manipulate your post, such as pinning.

Near the header of your screen just below the home option there is an admin button, which once clicked will reveal all the admin options. This is only visible to the admin(s) of the page. Fans will not see this option when viewing your page. In the admin panel you can view your page notifications, insights, new likes, promotional tools, management tools for your page and etc. The insights feature, which comes standard for all pages is a great feature because it tells you real time stats and activity logs of what actually occurs on your page.

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Manie Amari
Fan Page Tutorial – Understanding New timeline Features [/spoiler]

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  • susanlondon100

    Reply Reply November 29, 2012

    hi I am about to start followiing your course – by setting up a fanpage of my own a few times before then starting to market the service to local businesses. thanks for all your efforts. I would like to join the membership site depending on any success I have when I contact business owners. If they actually open the emails I send them or not will be a deciding factor to the success of this venture!

  • Manie Amari

    Reply Reply November 29, 2012

    Hey Susan thanks for commenting. I’ve sent you an email. If it’s not in your inbox please check your spam forlder and witlist my email address so you can be sure to receive further correspondence. Manie

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