Facebook Marketing – How To Lose Customers Promoting Online

Today I would like to touch on advertising using social media. Specifically in this matter, Facebook advertising. Facebook is a platform I use to socialise with family, friends and business partners. Therefore I don’t expect to be sold to every time I log on. However, I am aware that it is somewhere I will be exposed to some advertisements.

There is nothing wrong with promoting your product or in this case someone else product on Facebook. Facebook can be used for affiliate marketing. I actually participate in this myself but I only do so using my Fan Page. I reframe from promoting through my profile page because that just the way I am. This doesn’t mean you can’t do so. However, there are ways to go about this without offending others. For example Crystal Abigale is someone I recently unfriended from Facebook.

Firstly one reason why I unfriended her was that she kept sending me invites for a bunch of promotions unrelated to each other. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a screen shot of this. But would like to point out, that if you are going to be sending large amounts of invites to a webinar, try to make them as relevant to your topic or niche as possible. For example she sent me two invites to webinars discussing List Building. Then in less than half an hour she sent me an invite to a Pay Per Click webinar. All this tells me is that your trying get me to buy something from you. I don’t feel treated as a friend because your are forcing the sale. Facebook is a social networking site not another EBAY! People go on eBay to be sold to or to do the selling. People go on Facebook to SOCIALIZE not to be sold to. Another point is that she made no attempt to provide CONTENT or build a RAPPORT with myself or another person of that matter. Really is it that hard to socialise with someone you have become friends with on Facebook? Of course not. Providing value or content mixed with a little interaction goes a long way. Judging by her wall it’s more than evident that her Facebook account was created for one sole purpose. To Promote Products to Make Money from her Facebook Friends. We could even debate whether Crystal is a female and not a guy, sneakily using a woman’s photo to get more accepted requests so that the list of friends is longer to promote to. This tactic is cheap and dirty!

Another incident that happened a few weeks ago on my Facebook account shows how I obviously was offended by her persistent attempt to promote a membership site using lame wall post. However unlike miss Abigale I didn’t unfriend this person in question(I thought it would be best to leave her identitfy unknown out of respect, since I still consider a friend). Below is a screen shot of  our conversation:

I never got a reply to my last post 🙂 I let you figure out why.

What can be learned here is if you are going to promote a product or service, you should know the product/service your are promoting. This is because if someone who actually does know the product/service comes along and exposes you like I did. They can weaken your credibility very easily.

As always please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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