You Should Consider Creating Your Own Information Product

Thinking about getting into the industry of selling information products? Chances are that you haven’t considered creating your own information product yet. This is because most people get into this business by selling someone else’s PRODUCT FIRST.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common routes of entry into the information selling market.

In order to make huge profits you will need to have either a service or product. More to the point a service/product that people want or can’t do without. We all know traffic is the life blood of any online business. There are millions of websites online. The ones that you are aware of are the ones that have had traffic. Without traffic no one would know your website existed and you will not be able to maintain a business.

It’s nice to make money online as an affiliate. In fact I know a few super affiliates that are making a lot of money doing this. However, they all also do something else. Can you guess what this is? They all ‘sell their own PRODUCTS/SERVICES. So clearly the most important thing for you to do is to create your own information product.

One of the pros to having your own product is that you can establish yourself or your brand in your market. Brand awareness is essential to any business and having your own product can move you from passive information distributor (affiliate) to a Product Vendor. There is an acute difference between these two. As an affiliate you can reach a limited number of prospects, which is dependant on your list size and the relationship you have with them. However as a vendor you can reach a broader range of customers. This will be dependant on your affiliate list base (JV partners).

I keep going on and on about it but have you identified the key word here? If you said Relationship then you are right. It’s all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS in this business. The better the relationships you have the easier it will be to sell your product/services. Online sales are generated from level of relationships established, which is 80% of the entire process.

Another significant point to comprehend is that having your own product will attract affiliates and could expose you to a group of list owners in your niche. This is obviously beneficial because of the potential to increase sales, profits and your customer base. As an affiliate your activities would generally be orientated around looking for excellent and profitable products to promote; building your list and similar other activities. As a product vendor your activities will be orientated around looking for affiliates to promote your product/service; maintaining a good customer service for your clients and finding new ways to increase your product awareness.

Information is a commodity and in this day and age is a fast selling facet. With the new millennium methods for communication, especially in regards to social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) if you wherever thinking of creating your own Information Product, there is no BETTER TIME BUT NOW!

As always your comments are welcome, good or bad, let me know what you think!

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Manie Amari

About me At secondary school I was so much in love with sports. I played football and was concentrating on a career in the sport. I left with 7 GCSE’s qualifications. I then did two years at sixth form and acquired 2 A-level qualifications. I then went to University but in my second year dropped out. I wasn’t satisfied with the degree and what I was learning from it. So I decided to venture into the REAL WORLD. In 2008 I managed to set up an eBay business. This was doing well until the market became saturated and competition was high. I then began looking for other ways online to make money. Fast forward to 2010 I made my first sale online through affiliate marketing. Since then I have been busy creating my own system, which I’m planning to release soon on Clickbank as an information product in the near future. Manie Amari

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