How To Create KILLER Facebook Ads!

You probably hear anyone talking about dominating Facebook marketing with fan pages. You might even hear that they’re doing it with Facebook Ads but what you don’t hear is what they are doing to get those results with their ads. In this video I explore some of those things most Facebook marketers would rather tell you about after you’ve bought their products or invested in their courses:


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How To Create KILLER Facebook Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook ads have become the leading premier advertising platform in the last three years. In this video I want to share with you how you can get more from your Facebook ads.

Hey there this is mania amari AKA the foul mouth marketer and in this video I’m going to share with you how to create killer Facebook ads. Tip one is to use pictures. Personally I would say it’s about seventy percent of your copy. IF the picture is not right you will not capture your audience or market segment. Three facts that could benefit you when thinking of ads is that women look at women, men look at women and women look at children. How could you play with that for a second. Well the other day I created an ad targeting marketers and I used a picture of a crying baby. The headline was a long the lines of spilt marketing milk? You gotta be creative with your ad copy. Doesn’t really matter how to approach it you just have to be a little creative.

Top tip number two. You need to use something known as the power editor. The power editor will save you money and give you a lot more engagement. The power editor is the essence of really breaking down Facebook ads and going after your market segment.

Top tip number three. You need to use custom audiences. Once you start using the power editor there is a section were you could set up your own custom audience. You will need one piece of software to get these files to upload. Here are two software I can recommend. One is called social lead freak and the other is called Lead Chef. Social Lead Freak is the one I use as I am a Mac user. The other Lead Chef is good for people on the Microsoft PC users. Lets say your in the dog niche for a example you then use the ID scrapper to scrap the unique ID and upload those passionate fans to your custom audience and set an ad that targets just those fans. This help you save money, get more engagement and give you more leverage with your ads.

Top tip number four is you need to use the ad placement feature. The option is in your power editor. There are many variations to using this feature but the importance of it is to position your ads better to get the optimal results from your spend. If you have got an image and you have text inside that image you want your audience to see that text. If you don’t have your ad placement set correctly then you could be waisting money on your ad as it it not utilising the full spend. People will miss that text and you will miss out.

Top tip number five is to run more ads in the newsfeed. Right column ads are great for getting more clicks and growing your fans fast. However, newsfeed ads get six times more the engagement. If you advertise in the newsfeed using promoted post or sponsored ads then you’ll be getting more from your ads. That is my five top tips.


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About me At secondary school I was so much in love with sports. I played football and was concentrating on a career in the sport. I left with 7 GCSE’s qualifications. I then did two years at sixth form and acquired 2 A-level qualifications. I then went to University but in my second year dropped out. I wasn’t satisfied with the degree and what I was learning from it. So I decided to venture into the REAL WORLD. In 2008 I managed to set up an eBay business. This was doing well until the market became saturated and competition was high. I then began looking for other ways online to make money. Fast forward to 2010 I made my first sale online through affiliate marketing. Since then I have been busy creating my own system, which I’m planning to release soon on Clickbank as an information product in the near future. Manie Amari


  • Manie Amari

    Reply Reply December 22, 2013

    Top 5 tips You Need To Apply To Create Killer Facebook Ads!

  • Chris Cole

    Reply Reply December 22, 2013

    Great video Manie, loving the tips and your videos as well. Keep ’em comin… 🙂

  • Matthew Houghton

    Reply Reply December 23, 2013

    Nice tips Manie!

  • Mark Salmon

    Reply Reply December 23, 2013

    Hey Manie,

    Nice video presentation and the info was top-notch too.

    Looks like you are making great progress.

    • Manie Amari

      Reply Reply December 23, 2013

      Hey Mark great to see you over here at my site; it’s been a while. Nothing new bro except I’ve picked up some new skills with Facebook ads and some new video editing tips. I’ve got a lot more coming so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.


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