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Yo What’s up? It’s Manie here again. Some might say that “Making Money Online” is all a numbers game. More to the point making money online involves spamming people and hoping that they click their links and purchase the products offered. To the contrary this is obviously not true. However, the one thing most people anticipate is the fact that they get clicks to the follow up emails they send out. Hence the following message below:

Use these strategies to track your BEST sources of traffic – Click To Tweet.


Yo what’s up? This is Manie Amari aka the foul mouth marketer and in this video were going to be discussing the title heading which is clicking for cash.


Now this is actually a video response to another marketer’s video How To Click For Cash. This marketer goes by the name of Jon McNeil. Shout out to You can find out a lot more about him at his blog. He created a video title how to click for cash and the passion just oozed out of the video, which really caught me and has propelled me or compelled me to create this video response. I just want to follow up on other little things Jon addresses and add on to what he has already said in his video. I going to put the link to his video below this video so you can watch that later.


What Jon says is pretty much the nuts and bolts of the marketing game. The aim is to get people to click your links. Were talking about email marketing here and the clicks I’m referring to our coming from your list. Provided the fact that your ensuring those people on that list had opted in. Dealing with list were people haven’t opted in is just spam. Ok. So clicking for cash is not just about sending emails out to your subscribers and hoping those clicks convert to subscribers.


Lets reverse this. What about the clicks to getting those subscribers? So clicking for cash in a sense is clicking for subscribers. This is because there are different stages. You get the subscriber in, you build the relationship with the subscriber and then you move them on to your product or someone else’s product as an affiliate. That’s the general flow to the funnel process. But most people don’t pay attention to the actual entry point and in this video I’m just going to show you too pieces of software that I use that helps me manage the front end of this section, which is tracing the number of subscribers your getting and the traffic your getting to your squeeze pages. So where looking at what kind of traffic converts for you best and were your getting the most out of your marketing. This will enable you to concentrate on the effective strategies your using. Ok, I’m going to switch over to my desktop and show you the software’s that I use in my business to do this.


Ok, so I’m just at the admin area of Ad Trackz Gold. This is one of the two pieces of software that I use in my business. Like I said before if your not tracking your clicks and the source of traffic, then what’s the point in trying to run an online business? I’m just going to log in here and show you what the dashboard looks like. You can set up a campaign here, do split testing, conversion and tracking, link cloaking. You the software can also track your ads, whether it be YouTube PPC tracking. This actual software cost $77. For unlimited license it’s $197.


To set up a campaign you click new campaign. So for example recently I was promoting a webinar by my good friend Omar Martin. So here is the link to the webinar. If I was going to mail to my list, which I’m going to do later. So were it says add code I would give it a code likesOmar. Then were it says url I’m right click and paste the url in. Make sure the http is at the beginning of the url.


The next option GROUPS is just a way of organizing your links.


Then you need to choose the purpose, you could do Clicks only, Clicks and actions, Clicks and sales and many more variations. You will need to put some code on the page but don’t worry about it as there is a manual, which shows you how.


So scrolling down you can select the option for split testing. You don’ actually need to use any external software to split test. The ad tracks gold actually does this for you.


Moving down there’s an option to start and stop the tracking as well.


Lastly you need to put a description for the link for your own records only and click add new campaign.


There you go you have a new ad tracks gold link. As you can see the link doesn’t look that attractive.  Also within this software you can even cloak your links to make them look a little better. So you will need to click cloaking. Firstly you need to select your campaign and then put a filename, as this is what will show in your cloaked link. Then just click add redirect and there you have it.


I’m hoping you understand the importance of cloaking your links. This is because unfortunately there are some people out there that will try to steal your affiliate commission by changing it there’s. Also some people will put your link in places like porn sites, which could get your account banned if your ad company finds out. So you should always be cloaking your links.


That’s ad tracks gold for you I’ll place the link below this video so you can access it.


The other piece of software I’m going to show you is here Link Supercharge. This is a product by my friend Randy Smith. This is very easy software to that does a great job for me to use. So this is how it works. You place a link name, which will show up in your cloaked link.  Then we will grab our affiliate link again and paste it were it says affiliate link. The page title is just for giving the url tabs different name when the link is clicked.


Again you can categories your links. Make sure cloaked is checked and then just click create link and there you have it. You have a newly created affiliate link. Just clicking it to check that it works. As you can see it does. It says, which is my main blog, were this software is hosted. So that works and lets go back the tracker and refresh the page and the new hit has been added and that’s it.


Oh by the way Link Supercharge cost about $15. It’s definitely affordable. $15 bucks for a really nice quick link cloaked and is just simple to use.


If you wan to be clicking for cash then you need to be tracking where your clicks are coming from.


Hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t be afraid to comment and I’ll see you soon. [/spoiler]

How to turn clicks into cash

Tracking Software-
Ad Trackz Gold

So this video’s discussion is about Clicking your way to profits and how to gauge your activity whilst doing so. If this applied to the laws of attraction then it would just be a numbers game. However, in term of profit it all depends on the strength of the relationships you build. However, when your talking list building it’s just a numbers game to be frank.

Ok, so I hope the information in this video brought some clarity to my title. More importantly you take action and start tracking your clicks from your traffic sources.

I hope this information was helpful 🙂

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