About Me


Hi there, my name is Manie Amari and welcome to my personal blog/vlog. I’m not sure what to call it as I have almost completely abandoned writing my posts and just like going with video instead.

What you’ll find here…

This is my blog about the latest developments in my business and the platforms I use to aid it’s growth. I find Social media mainly Facebook Marketing as my preferred medium of choice to build my business so expect a lot of discussion’s and post about this.

Inside my videos I’ll show you:

  • What the latest and best FB Ad strategies to use
  • How to grow your business using online advertising
  • Tips and strategies for increasing traffic to your website using FB Ads
  • And much MUCH more as you’ll see when you browse through my videos

Please feel free to join the discussion as I would love to hear your views on the topics I discuss.

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How I Found Online Marketing

Well in 2007 I had an idea one day after receiving a free opera CD in a newspaper I bought. Now I listen to many different genres of music but Opera is not one of them, lol. So I had a belief that someone somewhere in the world who is a fan of Opera music would value this CD. So I planned on reaching this person online since I recently started buying things online at Amazon. So I gave it a go and listed this CD online at Amazon.com for just shy of £20 (roughly $31 bucks). Within two days I sold this CD. I couldn’t believe it. I kinda of dismissed it until I actually got paid the money and the figure hit my bank account. So I mailed the CD and then within 5 business working days I received the payment in full. I was stocked and the FIRE was lit. I was convinced there was a way to make it online I just needed to find it.

Fast forward 2010 I started my eBay business and things went well for a year or so. Then the competition got heavy and the sales dried up. So I began to look for the next thing and that’s when I stumbled upon internet marketing. I was hooked from day 1 and I’ve never turned back since. I’ve created my own information products, promoted other products and launched my own products too. The journey has been great so far but I’m still aiming for my biggest achievement to date.

I aim to bring new experiences to entrepreneurs online and help the small business owners take advantage of the online gold mine waiting for them.

To learn more about what I do, please check out the rest of my pages at


Manie Amari