How To Grow Facebook Page Easy

In the following video I discuss quick and easy ways to grow your Facebook Fans.  Growing your fans is just as important as marketing to them because your fans are your reach extension with the ad network. The more fans you have the wider the reach potential of your ads. If you already participate in…

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Transition Complete

Well I skipped the third week way to busy to upload my video update with Christmas stuff around the corner. Anyway here I am again. Click Play to find out what I had to say this week….       As always; please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.  

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How To Create KILLER Facebook Ads!

You probably hear anyone talking about dominating Facebook marketing with fan pages. You might even hear that they’re doing it with Facebook Ads but what you don’t hear is what they are doing to get those results with their ads. In this video I explore some of those things most Facebook marketers would rather tell…

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How To Grow YOUR Email List With Facebook…

In order to grow your business online you need to keep growing that mailing list. Here’s one way to grow your email list using social media:     In this video I address the problems most newcomers encounter when trying to build their email list with Facebook. As always if you have any comments please…

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